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Isabela Dias Da Silva

Project Details

Our relationship with Isabela is very special. She’s been a friend of the house since our very beginning, in fact it was right around that time when she got back into painting, and she told us she wanted to have some kind of marketing insight to achieve solid growth. To this day she has tripled her audience on social media, has her works managed by multiple merchants in Buenos Aires and São Paulo, and integrates private collections in both sides of the Atlantic. And she did all of that by herself.

Our grain of sand, beyond some strategic accompaniment, was centered in the development of the brand itself, which is something enormously challenging when it comes to an artist. That’s because you can’t build a brand in the same way you would for a business, because you can not interfere with the artistic identity or the artistic process. So we took cues from her art, and synthesized a few elements that would be true both to her artistic identity and process, now and in the future. With that, we built a certificate for her to send with every original, and a portfolio of selected works to be shared with the world. Both of them tools to help build the unique experience that constitutes

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